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  1. What does JustUnfollow do?

    JustUnfollow lets you unfollow twitter users who do not follow you. It also let's you follow twitter users who follow you. You can find and unfollow inactive twitter users. Use the "Copy Follower" feature to follow any twitter users followers.

  2. Will all my non followers be unfollowed on login?

    No. This isn't a bulk unfollow tool (that's spammy!). Once logged in to JustUnfollow, you can choose the users to unfollow.

  3. So, it shows me a list of all my non-followers on login?

    Yes, you can see all the non-followers. Free users have a limit on the number of follows/unfollows per day. There are paid plans to remove all such limits. Currently, free users can follow/unfollow upto 50 users per day without needing to pay any money.

  4. What does 'Fans' mean?

    Fans are users who follow you but are not followed back by you. You can view all such users by clicking the 'Show Fans' button.

  5. What is Whitelist?

    Sometimes, you may not want to unfollow some non-followers like celebrities, close friends etc. In such cases you can add them to the whitelist.

  6. What is Blacklist?

    When you do not wish to follow a user, you can add them to the Blacklist so that they never appear anywhere to be followed.

  7. What is Friend Check?

    Its really difficult to find on twitters website if a particular user follows you. Friend Check lets you check your relationship with any twitter user.

  8. What is Copy Followers?

    Copy Followers is one of our awesomest and greatest feature ever! You can follow any twitter users followers. Just enter the twitter username and we will fetch the followers of that user and display them to you.

    Though this seems simple, behind the scenes a lot of things happen. We will pull the followers of the twitter account you mention and apply a set of rules so that we show you only the best users among them.

    In short we try to show you users who are more active on twitter. These users are most likely to look into your profile and probably follow you back if they find you interesting and genuine.

  9. What are the languages JustUnfollow is available in?

    JustUnfollow is currently available in English , Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, Latvian, Greek and Estonian

  10. How can I add multiple twitter accounts?

    To add multiple Twitter accounts, you will need an upgraded JustUnfollow account. Have a look at the pricing plans page to decide which plan you'll need to purchase based on the number of Twitter accounts you wish to add.
    To add your account:
    Login to > On the left, right where you can see your current account, click on the down arrow > Click on Add Account > Choose the social network Twitter or Instagram > You'll be asked to authorize JustUnfollow to track that account. That's it!

  11. How can I upgrade my account?

    Login to > Click on your plan right on top (it will be a button with your plan's name) > In the page that opens next, unsubscribe from your current plan by clicking on "Unsubscribe" below that plan > Once the unsubscription is complete, return to the pricing plans page > Click on "Upgrade" below the account you want to upgrade to and make the appropriate payment.

  12. How can I add my Instagram account to JustUnfollow?

    Login to > On the left, right next to where your Twitter account is displayed is a small drop down arrow – click on it > "Add Account" > Choose Instagram > Authorize JustUnfollow to access and track your account > Done.

  13. How can I activate automatic welcome direct messages (DMs)?

    Login to > Click on Automate (the last option in the left menu) > Check the box next to "Auto DM" > Add the text you'd like to DM to your new followers > Click Save.

  14. How can I activate daily/weekly tweeting of stats?

    Login to > Click on Automate (the last option in the left menu) > Check the box next to "Track and Tweet" > Select Daily or Weekly from the drop down menu > Click Save.

  15. What is "hide previously followed user" feature in Copy Followers?

    Only available to our paid subscribers, this feature makes sure you do not end up following the same user multiple times. Following the same users multiple times can annoy them and they may even block you and mark you as a spammer. We make sure this never happens.

  16. How to avoid following the same user twice?

    Upgrading to one of our monthly plans will activate the "hide previously followed users" option in Copy Followers. This will ensure you never follow the same person twice.

  17. How to remove the follow/unfollow and blacklist/whitelist limits?

    Upgrading to any of our premium plans will remove these limits.

  18. How can I disable auto tweets of my daily/weekly stats?

    Receiving daily/weekly stats tweets from JustUnfollow means, when you signed up, you had authorized us to tweet your stats. They keep you informed and they get us exposure. But, if they really irritate you and you'd rather not have them, here's what you should do:
    Log in to > Click on "Automate" , the last option on the left menu bar > Uncheck the box next to "Automatic Tracking" > Click "Save" .

  19. How can I remove my twitter account from JustUnfollow?

    You really want to? Can't we talk it over? If you are having issues with the app, please share them with us and well sort it out for you. But, if you really really want to remove your account:
    Log in to > Click on "More" at the top (located extreme right) > Select "Settings" > On the next page select "Remove account" (it is right next to your account name). Well be sad to see you go!

  20. How can I cancel my paid subscription?

    Log in to > Click on your plan button at the top of the screen > On the plan page, click on the unsubscribe button below your chosen plan. Please share your reason for unsubscribing – it will help us improve.)

  21. Why can't I see my unfollowers?

    Sometimes you know a few users have unfollowed you, but you can't see who they are on JustUnfollow these are generally users suspended by Twitter. Their profile data is no longer available and hence we cannot display it to you. You can ignore these unfollows.

  22. I upgraded my account, but I am still limited to 25 follows and unfollows on Twitter...

    If you made a payment and are still limited to following 25 users: Login to > Click on "More", located on the top bar, extreme right > Settings > Select "Make Premium" against the account you want to remove limits from.

  23. I'm being asked to wait for an hour to follow/unfollow more in Instagram...

    Currently Instagram has a limit of 60 total follows and unfollows per hour and if you hit that limit you would need to wait 1 hour before following/unfollowing more users. Everyone, including upgraded JU users, have to follow this limit as it has been set by Instagram, not us.

  24. Can I follow/unfollow unlimited users on Instagram if I upgrade?

    No. Instagram has a limit of 60 follows/unfollows per hour and everyone has to follow this limit. If you upgrade, we increase your blacklist and whitelist limit for the Instagram account, but the follow/unfollow limits stay the same.

  25. I have an idea!

    Go to justunfollow user-voice and create it or upvote if someone else has already thought about it. The more votes an idea gets, the faster we build it.

  26. My question is not answered!

    If you don't find the answer to your question here, please send us an email at info[at]justunfollow[dot]com.

  27. I like it, how can I help?

    I would love it if you could about JustUnfollow to your twitter followers.

  28. Who built this?

    @NischalShetty built this application to help users manage their unfollowers and fans.

  29. Who helped with the site translations?

    Here are some of JustUnfollow users who volunteered to help with the translations :